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Chocolate-Dark Chocolate Indica (Vegan)

Category :Edibles   

Strain: Indica

Base: Belgian chocolate



Dosing & Instructions:

Servings Per Container: Ten

Serving Size: 1

One Segment 10mg

Consume One Segment. Onset Of Effects May Take Up To 90 Minutes. Store In A Cool Dark Place. Keep Away From Children & Pets.


Uses: Certainly!


**Endless Chocolate Creations**: From chocolate-covered pretzels to strawberries, bananas, nuts, and more, our chocolate offers limitless possibilities. Create a stunning dessert platter that showcases the versatility of our delicious chocolate bars.



Nutrient Facts/Ingredients - Vegan/Gluten Free 

Unsweetened Chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavor) Cannabis oil.

Dark Chocolate Indica 100mg

  • We believe that small batch, hand poured, and artfully tempered chocolate offers a superior experience. Indica cannabis and chocolate is there a better pair ? We find the simple things are sometimes the best . Close out the night with just Indica

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